Over the past few years, I have received various legal services from Law Offices of David L. Margolesky, P.A.. He has proven to be very knowledgeable and very reliable. Once contacted with reference to a legal matter, be it divorce issues or real estate issues, Mr. Margolesky acts promptly and effectively. I have experienced nothing but success every time I have used his services. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a hardworking and dedicated attorney.

Simona Topan

The best thing about Mr. Margolesky is that starting with our first meeting back in 2002, I felt like I could trust him.  Over the years in several family law cases where he represented me, he proved to be trustworthy, reliable, and a true professional.  While he will always be my attorney, I also consider him a friend.

Michael J. Roberts

Twice I have had the opportunity and pleasure of utilizing the legal services of David L. Margolesky, P.A.; once during the process of my divorce in January, 2015 and again in the recent preparation and filing of a Quit Claim Deed in October, 2015.  On both occasions I found David to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field of practice and always available to fully answer any and all questions and/or concerns. If the opportunity arose, I would surely use Mr. Margolesky's legal services again and do highly recommend him and his law office.

Susan M. Parrish

I have hired David Margolesky for various matters and have been extremely impressed with his knowledge and expertise each time. He is very well versed in family law and has a very professional, no-nonsense attitude. I have and will recommend him to my friends and family, and would not ever hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney.

Anne G-Vega

I was going through a tough divorce following a seventeen year marriage. It was my first marriage and divorce.  I had no idea what to expect and was extremely anxious about the process.  My wife and I first tried to handle the divorce process ourselves by attending a pre-filing mediation conference; however, it was waste of time and money.  My wife thought the alimony amounts suggested were not enough so she decided to obtain her own lawyer in an effort to get more.  I was then served with divorce papers where my wife claimed rights to every type of alimony known to man. I was beyond scarred and anxious.  Through strong recommendations from a couple of friends and colleagues, I went to see attorney David Margolesky. I had no idea what the process was or how much it was going to cost.  Mr. Margolesky explained the entire process to me and gave me accurate estimates of the potential costs for representation and filing. I signed up for his representation after the first consultation. At our next visit, Mr. Margolesky filed several counter motions and discussed the next steps in the proceeding.  He further explained all of the information that he needed and how it was necessary to expedite the case. Mr. Margolesky works fast in an effort to get a deal completed as soon as possible.  I appreciated his quick resolution philosophy and strong work ethic to help me resolve my life changing problem with class and efficiency.  I hired Mr. Margolesky to handle my divorce case and can honestly say he is the best. He is extremely professional, very patient, and thoroughly explained everything to me. The finished product, the "marital separation agreement" was extremely thorough and he even thought of future possible events/scenarios that I wouldn't have thought of myself.  He is efficient at what he does. The divorce process is hard enough. He doesn't waste time just to accrue more billable hours and he was very honest throughout. One of the reasons people divorce is a breakdown in communication. Mr. Margolesky helped bridge the gap between my wife and her attorney. Although it could have been an arduous, drawn out legal battle, my case was handled with my children’s best interest at heart... and that was to not extend the divorce process and turn it into a war with their mother. What I'm most thankful for, however, is the final written agreement that truthfully has been a working "rules to live by" in the years since my divorce. Mr. Margolesky is fair and always honest about expectations and will fight for what's in the best interest of you and your family.  I would recommend him to anyone getting a divorce.

Phil Cerber

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